What do I upload? Pokeporn of course!

What you can expect to see:
Solo female pokemon
Straight and lesbian pokemon sex
Straight and lesbian pokemonXhuman sex.
Lewd female pokemon (i.e. pokemon in bikinis, maid outfits, nurse outfits, etc)

My goal is to have something posted daily! But sometimes other things get in my way, so, sorry if I miss a few days of posts.

I try my best to source every image I post, if you know the artist of something and I don't, please let me know!

I do not own any of the art posted. If you are the artist of anything i've posted and do not want it on my blog, just let me know.

Blog pic is by: therealfunk on tumblr
Icon is by: pastelletta on tumblr.
Blog header: is by ClueStripes on tumblr.


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